Joint initiative for clean rivers with everwave, BABOR BEAUTY GROUP and Ferry Porsche Foundation

No life without water – this valuable and life-sustaining resource deserves special protection. The effects of climate change as well as global pollution of waterways are major challenges that we want to counteract positively.

11/06/2022 Reading Time: 2 min

In April 2022, the Audi Environmental Foundation, together with its cooperation partners everwave, BABOR BEAUTY GROUP and, new on board, the Ferry Porsche Foundation, started another cleanup mission. This time, the smart garbage collection boat CollectiX was deployed on a tributary of the Danube in Romania for five weeks. More than five boatloads of plastic and other waste were collected daily, which were then professionally disposed of at a local recycling center.


The highly efficient boat uses sensors to collect information about the composition of the waste, which means that long-term solutions and prevention concepts can be developed for the region.


“Each of us four partners pursues the vision of making our contribution to environmental protection. Thanks to our cooperation, we were able to double the operating time of the boat this year compared to last year. This shows that teamwork is the key to success,” says Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation.


Parallel to the campaign, joint land-based plogging events and cleanup activities were organized.


More details

Different industries – a common goal: Clean waterways

Together with the green startup everwave and the German cosmetics manufacturer BABOR we will start n initiative in 2021 to take action against the pollution of flowing waters.

As part of this cooperation, several actions will take place throughout the year – including information events, campaigns at the partners’ locations and cleanup activities.

Milestones of the mission

CollectiX garbage collection boat

CollectiX garbage collection boat

Kickoff and highlight is the CollectiX garbage collection boat of everwave that will collect litter floating in the Danube for several days.

Next to our collaboration with CLEAR RIVERS and our cleanups, this initiative strengthens our engagement for clean waterways.

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