Plogging – jogging and collecting waste with Audi Environmental Foundation

The term plogging combines the Swedish word “plocka upp” (=pick up) and “jogging”. Jogging and collecting trash. The Audi Environmental Foundation regularly organizes such cleanups.

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Plogging – Symbiosis of movement and environmental protection

The idea is to collect trash lying along the running track while jogging and then dispose of it properly at the end of the jogging session. Plogging combines active environmental protection with physical exercise and the opportunity to meet new people and to do good things together. A positive side effect: there is less waste along running tracks, roads and forest paths!

Plogging action awarded Ramadama prize

With six plogging events carried out so far and over 60 participants, including many “multiple collectors,” a great contribution to the cleanliness of Ingolstadt's paths and popular jogging routes was made together. In November 2019, for example, this campaign was awarded the 2019 Ramadama prize by Ingolstadt’s municipal authorities.

Ploggers free running tracks from garbage
Runners and collectors: The ploggers free popular running tracks from trash.

Numerous plogging events once again this year

There are many plogging events this year, too. Dates will be announced here in time. Registration is requested. All interested people are invited, no matter whether Audi participates. If there is too much interest, the decision will be made by drawing lots.

Dates and registration for plogging

  • When: The dates from summer will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Where: The route will be announced with the date.
  • Route: 4–6 km
  • Cost: none

Register by sending an e-mail to

Good to know

For participation in the plogging of the Audi Environmental Foundation, a signed declaration of liability is required. 

Please bring suitable clothing and shoes. Gloves and garbage bags will be distributed by the foundation. Tips on where a plogging assignment is particularly necessary are very welcome. The plogging event does not count as working time. Arrival and departure must be organized privately.

Jogging and collecting trash – trendy sport
Symbiosis of movement and environmental protection: Joggers collect trash by the wayside as part of the trendy sport of plogging.