NaturVision Film Festival – Audi Environmental Foundation sponsors short film award

The NaturVision film festival had more than ten film award categories - the Audi Environmental Foundation is co-responsible for the most recent one, the short film award.

07/10/2020 Reading Time: 1 min

The goal: To bring the beauty of nature to the screen with environmental films

In cooperation with the NaturVision film festival the Audi Environmental Foundation is awarding a prize for the best short movie. Addressing environmental issues and their solutions, showing the beauty of nature, providing environmental education and creating awareness for the vulnerability of our world – these are the aims of the NaturVision film festival.  The NaturVision film festival is one of the most important nature and environmental movie events in Europe. Since 18 years, it offers an interesting and varied festival program that inspires the audience.

Yearly changing motto for the short film award at the NaturVision film festival

As part of the film festival NaturVison runs an annually, film competition with prizes in over 10 categories, including the Sustainability Award, the Children's Film Award, the Camera Award, the Special Award and the Audience Award. Last year the film competition was enriched with a new prize category donated by the Audi Environmental Foundation: the short movie prize, which honors short movies that focus on environmental issues. 

What is the motto of the short film award this year Forest Whisperings

This year, the Audi Environmental Foundation again would like to encourage motivated, enthusiastic filmmakers and producers to address an important issue in the field of environment, nature and sustainability. 

Under the motto "forest whisper" all films and animations around the forest are welcome. The competition is open to topics such as today's challenges of the forest, how modern technology can help the forest or forests as a symbol for protests. Artistic works with a starting point of trees and forests can also be submitted.


The Audi Environmental Foundation is looking forward to many submissions and exciting, interesting movies in the short film category.  This year’s NaturVision Film festival will take place on 19 July 2020 in Ludwigsburg. Additional information about the film festival and the program can be found here.

The winners

2019: Recycle, not ruin – Nature leads the way

The theme for this year’s short film prize is "Recycle, not ruin – Nature leads the way". In nature, there is no such thing as waste; everything is part of a continuous cycle. This approach is consistent with the concept of Cradle to Cradle®: Rather than exploiting the earth’s natural resources and swamping it with garbage and poison, the circular economy aims at transforming discarded machines and products into valuable raw material. The spectrum ranges from recycling and upcycling, sharing economy, forward thinking product development through to the question how the C2C-concept can be integrated in city planning and architecture.

2018: The (In)Finite Nature of Plastic

The competition 2018 was dedicated to the topic “The (In)Finite Nature of Plastic”. Within the competition a great variety of interesting, eye-opening movies, which deal with negative impact of plastic on the environment were submitted.

The winner of the short movie prize in 2018 was the Dutch activist, designer and film maker Dave Hakkens with his movie „Precious Plastic – The Story Behind“. The movie is about the evolution of the project „Precious Plastic“, which began in 2013 as Dave Hakkens graduation project at the Design Academy. The film captures all important milestones in Dave Hakkens project, starting with the initial idea, over various attempts to build a recycling machine and to choose the right material up to the final manual and the developing of a quite big community. The main goal of the project was to create awareness for the plastic pollution and to invent a machine, which makes it possible for everyone to recycle plastic.  The „Precious Plastic“-community has grown into a worldwide project with hundreds of supporters.  Other short film prize nominated movies in 2018 were among others „Die Beerdigung“ (the funeral) by Thomas Frick, „Rio im Müll“ (Rio in waste) by Anna Brass and „It’s a Plastic World“ by Andreas Tanner.