PflanzMIT: 5,500 trees for Pfahldorf

After a huge effort with hand rams and spades it was done: The first part of the 5,500 small seedlings found their way into the ground! That's the number of trees we are planting this season during our "PflanzMIT!" initiative in a wooded area near Pfahldorf close to Kipfenberg/ Upper Bavaria.

03/01/2023 Reading Time: 1 min

Persons planting trees

The campaign started in the fall and winter of 2022. As in previous campaigns, we called for support and luckily received it: Around 80 Audi employees responded to our call in the first run and helped us with the planting. Motivated employees were active on five days in total. The first team built a fence around the planting site to protect the seedlings, whereas the following teams planted trees.  Although the teams had to deal with a muddy and at the same time very stony soil, they all were dedicatedly planting and seemed to have a lot of fun during their time in the forest.


Of course, we did not only let others plant, but also planted ourselves. Together with colleagues from the environmental protection department, we went to the forest area at the end of November and proved our green fingers by planting on stony ground.

Christoph Gabler, the forest ranger of this district, provided support and advice for each event. He selected suitable seedlings for the forest area so that the seedlings perfectly fit the soil and local climate and he provided the Audi teams with valuable know-how about the small trees. In addition to several thousand oaks, we also planted beech and linden/lime trees. Oaks are particularly robust and can withstand climate change well. Wild apple, wild pear, bird/wild cherry, field maple and hackberry were selected for the area's edge. These help to maintain biodiversity and provide food for bees and insects.

We would like to thank all the teams for their great support and we are looking forward when the time is ready for the next PflanzMIT!

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