Second Life Battery Research – Another Project Milestone is Piloted

The first Nunam power storage systems based on used laptop batteries have been distributed and are proving their worth in everyday use. They are robust, quiet and easy to handle. That is what the early feedback from the users tells us. The state of Uttar Pradesh in India is subject to frequent power failures, so there is great demand for new uses and applications to be developed for 2nd life storage batteries satisfying higher standards with regard to efficiency, performance and service life.

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One widespread and suitable application for these are so-called nanogrids, which in developing countries are usually operated with lead-acid batteries. They supply current for a whole road with up to 50 shops, restaurants and grocers. However, not only do lead-acid batteries have a negative impact on the environment; they are also unfavorable in terms of handling. For example, they are less stable in their performance (discharge current and energy density), require intense maintenance and have a high transport weight combined with a short service life.

And so the idea was born as another milestone to manufacture an environmentally friendly 2nd life solar nanogrid on the basis of used e-tron battery modules and to test it in everyday use.

This is characterized by the following performance parameters and advantages: 24V direct current and 5 kWh system capacity. The service life is 10-15 years with a moderate rate of use and the charge and discharge state of the batteries is IoT connected. This allows it to be tracked using a SIM card and app. The new “2nd life storage battery” based on two used e-tron battery modules can thus replace four old lead-acid batteries in a nanogrid.

The first prototype of the “Nunam Solar Nanogrid” is currently being tested by an “energy entrepreneur” in Uttar Pradesh. For a small fee of 4 rupees per day (0.06 euros), small traders can purchase the new, sustainable power from a local energy supplier.

The new Nunam Solar Nanogrid allows up to 50 merchants to ply their trade, even at night. With immediate effect it is supplying a whole street with green electricity every evening, fully independent of the grid. This is generated during the day from solar energy and stored for later use.

Second-life battery: Green power from used batteries

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Second-life battery: Green power from used batteries

Green power: Used laptop batteries become mobile power storages – Audi Environmental Foundation supports second-life battery research of start-up Nunam.

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