Plastic Recycling | Audi Environmental Foundation film evening

Plastic waste is a major problem worldwide. At a film evening, the Audi Environmental Foundation is discussing about plastic pollution and plastic recycling ideas.

11/28/2018 Reading Time: 1 min

It is hard to imagine our everyday lives without plastic. But useful, robust and durable plastic has a downside:  if it isn’t properly recycled, it has a harmful impact on the environment. During an evening of film, the Audi Environmental Foundation discussed the question: How can we handle plastic in a sustainable way, avoid plastic where necessary, and ensure it is recycled?

Education on the subject of Plastic Recycling

On two evenings at the Audi Forums in Ingolstadt (Nov. 28) and Neckarsulm (Nov. 29), the Audi Environmental Foundation presented films followed by rounds of discussion regarding the consequences of the use of plastics. In cooperation with the NaturVision Film Festival, the Foundation showed four short films dealing with the consequences of plastic waste and possible solutions. Two experts then examined the handling and consequences of plastic use. Marine biologist and research diver Robert Marc Lehmann presented an overview of the state of the oceans. Wolfgang Rommel, head of the bifa Environmental Institute and curator of the Audi Environmental Foundation, discussed: “Is plastic always bad?”

Robert Marc Lehmann, marine biologist and research diver
Robert Marc Lehmann, marine biologist and research diver

Films should illustrate environmental topics

Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation and Environmental Protection Officer for the Audi Group, said: “Films offer an especially clear portrayal of topics, which is why we decided to cooperate with the NaturVision Film Festival. We want to get people excited about protecting the environment, but we also want to raise awareness of environmental problems and encourage people to work on solutions.”

Proceeds from the film evening in Ingolstadt were donated to “One Earth – One Ocean” and the entrance fees from Neckarsulm are going to an environmental project for “upcycling” plastic in the Neckar, which has been initiated jointly by the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg, the Heilbronn-Franken regional association and Audi. Both events were sold out.

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